Trade House "Asia"

About our company
Trade house "Asia" has been growing, recycling and supplying vegetables and fruits to retail chains throughout Russian Federation for more than five years. During this time, our structure has grown to the level of a company of regional importance, and our capacities allow us to process and supply to the largest wholesale customers about 30,000 tons of products per year. Our main directions: cultivation of fresh vegetables, production of vegetables in a vacuum, pickled vegetables and Korean salads. Also, an important activity of the trade house "Asia" is the wholesale trade of local and imported vegetables and fruits. Therefore, we invite partners to cooperate. If you are a manufacturer or supplier of fruits and vegetables in Russia and abroad, we will be happy to discuss the terms of cooperation!
Fresh Vegetables
Pickled vegetables and Korean salads
Vacuum Vegetables
Packing and washing vegetables

Picking, calibration and preparation for packaging of goods in different containers (pellet, bag, netting and others).

Packaging options:

  • In a packing net from 0.5 kg. to 35 kg.
  • In a fixed weight and non-fixed weight plate.
  • In a PET bag from 0,5 kg. to 1.5 kg.
Storing vegetables

Storage of vegetables in medium and low temperature chambers. Comprehensive services for storage of vegetables in the short and long-term format from 1 day (unloading, storage, preparation and loading), in compliance with all the rules and regulations for the storage of a particular product (humidity, temperature mode, ventilation).

Warehouse rental

Renting own premises in Konstantinovsk, Rostov region (cold stores, unheated and heated warehouses, open areas, office space).

The company carries out various activities (storage, processing, freezing, pickling, preparation of vegetables for sale in federal networks and the cultivation of oyster mushrooms) at the following places:
г. Konstantinovsk
х. Istomino
Our company has undergone voluntary certification of HACCP and ISO 22 000
If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone or send us an email:

Korean salads have long been beloved by the people of our country for their piquancy and unusual taste. Many people buy Korean salads instead of the traditional pickles, and even children eat them with pleasure in spite of a little spiciness.


Our company offers Korean salads in bulk: they are prepared in accordance with the original recipes and easily diversify the range of stores, cafes and other catering facilities. The main thing is that they are prepared only from fresh products and are invariably popular with customers!


Delicious and flavorful: our Korean salads


The Korean salads offered by our company in Rostov on Don are prepared from both fresh and cooked/boiled/marinated vegetables. Often mushrooms, fish and meat are added to the salads.


Traditional dressing is probably the main ingredient that gives Korean salads that unusual taste. It contains soy sauce, spices, and hot spices. Mayonnaise and sour cream are not used, so these snacks are great for those who watch their diet and prefer a healthy, low-calorie food.


Our wide assortment of Korean-style salads at affordable prices makes it fast and easy for you to place your order, picking up fresh, spicy dishes. We pay attention to every aspect of making fresh salads, selecting the right size of shredding, mixing ingredients for dressing in the right proportions.


While respecting the traditional canons of Korean cooking, we take care to remove excessive burning, giving the salads a unique flavor and taste characteristic of Korean cuisine.